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Balance Braces, Orthotics, & AFO in Ellicott City, MD

Maryland Podiatry Center currently supports our patient's with the lastest technology in durable medical equipment to address all pathology in the foot and ankle. This would include custom orthotics, custom braces, Diabetic shoes with insoles, custom shoes and custom Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). We also carry a full line of over the counter durable medical equipment which includes orthotics, walking boots, night splints and braces for those patients who need  immediate attention.

Moore Balancing Brace

Currently, Medicare is providing as a fully covered benefit a Moore Balance Brace. The Moore Balancing Brace is designed to provide support for those patients who are a fall risk or have already fallen and need additional support to remain functional living at home. The patient is initially casted and a custom brace is produced within two to three weeks. The device goes into the shoe and is completely hidden by clothing. 

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