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September 30, 2021
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If you are living with painful bunions in Ellicott City, MD, visit Maryland Podiatry Center for a consultation. Our experienced podiatrist, Dr. John Murphy, can provide professional treatment to ease your discomfort.

What Are Bunions?

When your bone becomes deformed due to joint enlargement at the base and side of your big toe, a bunion can form. Irritation and inflammation can result as the big toe overlaps your other toes. Bunions can continue to increase in size and impede your walking ability.

Problems Bunions Can Cause:

  • Painful walking
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Hammertoe
  • Thickened skin on the bottom of the foot
  • Chronic pain
  • Red, sensitive skin on toes

Untreated bunions change the alignment of your toes and can also make it harder for you to stand or balance yourself properly. A bunion is not something that will go away on its own. You will have to seek treatment from your podiatrist to manage the symptoms. Warm soaks and ice packs may provide temporary at-home relief.

How Does a Podiatrist Treat Bunions?

When you visit our office in Ellicott City, MD for help with bunions, Dr. Murphy will examine your feet and recommend the best solution for you. He may suggest the use of orthotic devices to stabilize your foot or exercise for joint mobility.

We can also remove calluses or corns that have resulted from prolonged bunions. Nighttime splints may be recommended to help with toe alignment.

If your bunions are severe, Dr. Murphy may perform a surgery known as a bunionectomy. This procedure will not only remove your bunion, it will also realign the toe. Surgery is only recommended if more conservative methods have not helped your bunion symptoms.

Painful and deformed toes or feet make daily activities like walking and standing a challenge. Don't hesitate to seek help for your bunions in Ellicott City, MD. A consultation with Dr. Murphy at Maryland Podiatry Center can put you on the path of realigned and pain-free feet. Call (410) 992-8504 for an appointment today.

By Maryland Podiatry Center
September 15, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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Are you suffering from foot pain in Ellicott City, MD, and want help from a professional you can trust? Dr. John Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center can help by providing the kind of treatment that you need to stay on your feet. We can treat all of the conditions below using various treatment methods that help to walk you back from the brink of a painful existence.

Sprains – We Can Help! 

Ankle sprains impact many people every day and can be pretty painful to manage. Thankfully, our therapists can help by providing a cast that keeps your foot strong. We can also repair torn ligaments surgically if your sprain worsens at any time.

Bunions – Our Team Can Provide Relief 

Bunions cause intense foot pain that Ellicott City, MD residents deserve to avoid. We can help by properly aligning your big toe joints to minimize swelling and other common concerns. In addition, physical therapy and pain management may help, though surgery may also be necessary for some. 

Flat Feet – How We Treat This Issue

Flat feet are a painful condition that occurs if your arch doesn't develop properly as a child. Without this supporting element, you may experience a lot of pain. Thankfully, our surgeons can help provide you with the support you need in various ways. 

Hammertoes – Let Us Help You

When you suffer from hammertoe, you can experience intense deformity in your feet and a high level of pain that may become unbearable. Our surgeons can help restore your toes to their natural position and minimize any pain you might otherwise experience. 

Diabetes – Don't Let This Condition Worsen 

People with diabetes often suffer from foot-related health issues that may create necrotic flesh and the loss of digits. With our help, you can manage this problem by using various exercises and treatments that minimize tissue loss and keep you safe and secure. 

Other Conditions – Our Comprehensive Therapy Can Help 

If you suffer from heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), corns, calluses, Athlete's foot, arthritis, or other painful problems, our crack team of podiatrists will do what they can to help. Therapy varies from high-quality pain management techniques and even surgery for more severe problems. 

Let Us Help You Recover 

Do you have terrible foot pain in Ellicott City, MD, and need someone who can help? Dr. Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center can give you the recovery help that you need. With his help, you can diagnose the source of your pain, find a care method, and get the high-quality help required to stay strong and healthy. Call us at (410) 992-8504 to learn more about us. 

By Maryland Podiatry Center
July 07, 2021
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Are you suffering from any foot problems? A podiatrist is a physician that is qualified to diagnose and treat almost all foot and ankle problems. Your foot doctor in Ellicott City, MD, Dr. John Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center, is ready to provide the best care for your feet.

If you are having any of the following foot problems, then you must consider visiting your podiatrist:

Strains, sprains, or fractures

Sprains occur when a ligament undergoes stretching or ripping. They mainly affect the ankle ligament. They will cause pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. Strains are very similar to sprains, except that they affect tendons, not ligaments. A bone fracture requires immediate medical intervention. If you think you have strains, sprains, or fractures, then you must visit your Ellicott City, MD, foot doctor immediately.

Tingling, pain, or swelling in your foot

These are signs of many foot conditions. Your foot doctor will be able to make the needed examinations and diagnose the underlying problem properly.

Toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a toenail thickening and discoloration caused by a fungal infection. Early elimination of the fungus infection will result in better treatment outcomes.

Diabetic foot issues

Diabetic patients are at high risk of developing foot problems and infections. They must undergo periodic checkups on their feet to prevent any dangerous foot problems.


Bunions are bony bumps that appear at the base of the big toe and result in the bending of the biggest toe towards the other toes. The severity of this disorder may range from mild to severe. Your podiatrist can diagnose and treat your bunions.


This is a condition that happens when there is an imbalance in the muscles, tendons, or ligaments that surround your toe and hold it straight. The imbalance will result in either flexible or rigid hammertoe. Flexible hammertoe occurs when your joint can still move. While rigid hammertoe, which is more serious, causes permanent immobility in the joint.

If you have any foot problems, don’t hesitate to visit Dr. Murphy, your foot doctor in Ellicott City, MD. Call Maryland Podiatry Center at (410) 992-8504 and book your appointment today.

By Maryland Podiatry Center
March 22, 2021
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Your podiatrist in Ellicott City, MD, can help with a sprained ankle.

Your ankles are important, and when you lose ankle stability due to a sprained ankle, it can dramatically affect your life. You may be unable to stand, support your weight, or walk around. Your podiatrist can help when you have suffered an ankle sprain.

Dr. John Murphy at Maryland Podiatry Center in Ellicott City, MD, offers a wide range of foot care services, including treating ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains are common, and you don’t have to be an athlete to experience one. Even stepping off of a curb, or walking on uneven ground can cause your ankle to twist. The twisting motion stretches the ligaments and tendons, causing uncomfortable inflammation, swelling, and pain.

When you sprain your ankle, you may:

  • Hear a loud popping sound
  • See signs of bruising and swelling
  • Feel pain when you put weight on your foot
  • Feel tightness in your ankle and have problems moving your ankle

If you experience an ankle sprain, you can try a few easy home remedies like these:

  • Elevating your ankle to take the weight off of it
  • Use ice packs on your ankle to reduce swelling
  • Wrap your ankle in compression bandages to support it

For moderate to severe ankle sprains that don’t respond to home therapies, you need to seek out professional treatment from your podiatrist. Your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Taking prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical therapy and stretching to increase flexibility and mobility
  • Wearing a cast or walking boot to support your ankle
  • Using crutches to take the pressure off of your ankle when you walk

You may suffer an ankle sprain from everyday activities, or from running, jogging, hiking, and other sports. You are also more likely to suffer an ankle sprain as you age, or if you have balance or strength issues.

You don’t have to suffer when you experience an ankle sprain. To find out more about sprained ankle treatment and other foot and ankle services, call Dr. Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center in Ellicott City, MD, at (410) 992-8504 now!

By Maryland Podiatry Center
March 18, 2021
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Orthotics are prescription shoe inserts designed by your Ellicott City, MD, podiatrist, Dr. John Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center. They could ease your pain and increase your comfort. Adding orthotics to your shoes offers these important benefits:

Better support for your feet

Your feet help support your entire body and keep the bones in your legs, hips, and back properly aligned. Conditions like flatfoot, foot imbalances, and excessive pronation (turning your feet inward) can affect the ability of your feet to adequately support your body and may lead to leg or back pain. Orthotics support your arches and keep your feet balanced, relieving pain and reducing stress on your feet.

Fewer aches and pains

Orthotics add a little extra cushioning to your shoes and relieve pressure on muscles and tendons, reducing the pain of bunions, arthritis, achilles tendonitis, stone bruises, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and bursitis. The inserts can also help you avoid foot pain if your job requires you to spend hours on your feet.

Reduced risk of diabetic ulcers

Pressure on your feet may increase your risk of developing slow-healing ulcers if you have diabetes. Orthotics reduce pressure, preventing ulcers from forming. The inserts also decrease friction, which can cause blisters.

Improved alignment

Your Ellicott City, MD, foot doctor may recommend orthotics if you have a condition that affects the alignment of the bones in your feet, like bunions or a hammertoe. The inserts improve alignment and slow the progression of the condition. Altering alignment with orthotics can also be helpful if you have plantar fasciitis. When your foot is aligned correctly, stress on your plantar fascia decreases, which may reduce your heel pain.

A solution for gait and balance issues

You're less likely to lose your balance, fall, or twist your ankle when you wear orthotics. Orthotics also improve gait issues that affect the way you walk. A gait problem may lead to pain in other parts of the body if it's not corrected.

A simple way to reduce your risk of sports injuries

Orthotics are an excellent choice if you participate in sports or activities that involve walking or running. If you wear the inserts every time you exercise, your risk of developing plantar fasciitis, shin splints, retrocalcaneal bursitis, achilles tendonitis, and other overuse injuries will decrease.

Are you ready to try orthotics? Call your podiatrist in Ellicott City, MD, Dr. Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center, at 410-992-8504 to schedule your appointment.

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